Cortex Group x Artisan Biomed | Developing Pan-African Precision Medicine Solutions

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, 18 November 2019 | Artisan Biomed Partners with Cortex Group to Develop Pan-African Precision Medicine Solutions.


Artisan Biomed, a subsidiary of the Centre for Proteomic and Genomic Research (CPGR), announced a partnership with Cortex Group that will see its respective capabilities combined to developed advanced solutions for interdependent health sectors. Artisan Biomed is focused on developing Precision Medicine solutions and employs cross-cutting approaches to the utilization of omics technologies, developing novel value propositions at the intersection of health, veterinary, environment, and food sectors. Cortex Group, with its vested interest in transforming healthcare on the African continent through Smart Technology, brings a complementary skill set to that of Artisan Biomed – ensuring joint projects and solutions make use of state-of-the-art approaches, including advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, to deliver value for all stakeholders involved.

Reinhard Hiller, Managing Director of Artisan Biomed said, “With the rise of the 4th Industrial Revolution and its Smart Technologies, researchers and enterprises have been empowered to map complete sets of biological information stored in the DNA of humans, animals, plants or pathogens. Value, however, is only derived if data is generated at scale and in an affordable manner – and, if diverse sets of information are integrated to allow the emergence of advanced levels of understanding – in turn delivering Precision Medicine.

“By leveraging the power of AI, we’ll enhance our ability to derive value from routinely generated health-related data. With Cortex Group’s Artificial Intelligence expertise, our efforts to aggregate, analyse and interpret this data will accelerate exponentially, boosting our ability to develop improved health solutions that benefit people in Africa and elsewhere”, Reinhard Hiller added.

Dr Jacques Ludik, Founder and Executive Chairman of Cortex Group said, “Using Artisan Biomed’s data, in conjunction with Cortex Group’s Artificial Intelligence platforms and tools, we’ll be able to mine, analyse, and understand large interdependent health-related datasets. The merging of the two domains will, in parallel, aid us in understanding, and improving, often complex processes at both the biological and industrial level. It will enable optimization, predictions, automation and personalization in the sector – in turn, yielding significant improvements in (1) diagnosing patients, (2) optimising medical treatments, (3) reducing health expenditure, (4) maximizing plant or animal breeding outcomes, (5) detecting food fraud, or (6) monitoring bacteria in water”.

Dries Oelofse, Healthcare Lead within Cortex Group said, “This partnership is certainly complementary – it aids Cortex Group’s vision for transforming healthcare on a pan-African scale and, through a one-health paradigm, expands that vision into human-, animal- and environmental health. We’re living in a Smart Technology era where data is mass produced and technology is cheaper to use – a shift which Artisan Biomed will be part of. They understand the unique healthcare challenges our continent faces and how technology can be used to generate novel datasets to address some of those challenges. Adding the expertise and equipment provided by the CPGR and combining that with Cortex Group’s AI expertise, we’ll create many interesting opportunities.”



Artisan Biomed, formed by the Centre for Proteomic and Genomic Research (CPGR), aims to develop Precision Medicine solutions for Africa, by innovating in three inter-related areas: (1) Provision of precision disease and health management services, (2) translational research services, and, (3) the development of tailored medical solutions for people of Africa descent.

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The Centre for Proteomic and Genomic Research (CPGR) is a Non-Profit Organization located in Cape Town, South Africa – an initiative by the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), financially supported by the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA). The CPGR combines innovative, information-rich genomic and proteomic (omics) technologies with bio computational pipelines, to render services and support projects in the Life Science and Biomedical arena in [South] Africa (Run in an ISO 9001:2015 certified and ISO 17025 compliant Quality Management System). In support of start-up development, in April 2018, CPGR announced a new partnership to form a bespoke African biotech incubator, OneBio.

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Cortex Group is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) focused holding company, building value in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4.0 IR) economy on a local, regional and global scale. They work across multiple industry and business domains, developing cutting-edge intelligence systems and AI-driven companies / platforms – leveraging a unique mix of intellectual property, technologies, people, partners and communities. Cortex Group currently consists of multiple business units, each focusing on key parts of the pan-African AI Ecosystem.

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