World Economic Forum and Democratizing AI to Benefit Everyone

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Having been inspired by World Economic Forum and their leadership (also here in Africa) alongside my massive transformative purpose to help shape a better future in the Smart Technology Era, I founded the Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa a few years ago to help transform Africa through building an AI and data science community and associated skills capacity as well as the application of smart technology to help solve problems. In my recent book Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone I also reference some of the work done by the World Economic Forum in chapters and sections dealing with the Smart Technology Era; AI’s transformative impact on our world; United Nations’ SDGs and the 2030Vision Platform; building human-compatible, ethical, trustworthy and beneficial AI; and 21st century skills, competencies, and jobs for a human-centric AI-driven workplace. In the book I also introduce a Massive Transformative Purpose for Humanity and its associated goals to help shape a beneficial human-centric future (which complements the United Nations’ 2030 vision and SDGs) along with Sapiens ( as a decentralized human-centric user-controlled AI-driven super platform to empower individuals and monetizes their data and services and can be extended to extended to companies, communities, cities, city-states, and beyond. Get the book: LinkedIn intro: Some video & audio links: Websites: https://jacquesludik.com ;

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