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About Cortex Group

CORTEX AI Group is a Smart Technology company that is uniquely positioned in collaboration with the BLUEFIN GOLD GROUP to help transform Africa (and other parts of the developing world) through the implementation of national AI strategies and using smart technology to unlock tremendous societal and business value at scale. The company aims to optimize quality of life for as many people as possible through an AI-driven human-centric super platform, mobile devices, and personalized AI that empowers people and monetizes their data and services as well as providing a range of services including personalized education, healthcare, wellness, financial advisory, and more. Cortex AI Group also focuses on AI-driven digital transformation through the implementation of smart technology and intelligent agents via industry-specific solutions in education, healthcare and wellness, mining, energy, manufacturing, agriculture and construction to help shape a better future in the Smart Technology Era. The company further positions itself to be a global AI leader in pushing AI innovation on a foundational and applications level to develop State-of-the-art Personalized AI and Intelligent Agents on Trustworthy AI Guardrails for a Decentralized World.  

Our Mission

CORTEX AI GROUP has the desire to change the narrative for development in Africa. This group is driven by the desire of wanting to see an Africa (and other parts of the developing world) that will no longer be a Third World, but be in the same bracket as the rest of the Developed World. The main focus being bringing the ultimate change in collaboration with BLUEFIN GOLD GROUP through infrastructure development, education and smart technology impacting healthcare, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and other sectors. We also mobilize investment across the globe for Africa. On the AI foundational and applications level, CORTEX AI GROUP is assembling a global team of AI professionals committed to pushing the boundaries of AI innovation and creating personalized, autonomous, trustworthy, and explainable intelligent agents. Our mission is further to democratize AI for everyone, create a user-controlled and decentralized environment, protect user data privacy, and facilitate the monetization of personal data for user benefits. We aim to be the leading force in personalized AI and data governance. We take inspiration from the core messaging in Dr Jacques Ludik’s book “Democratizing AI to Benefit Everyone: Shaping Better Future in the Smart Technology Era” which, amongst others, expands in greater detail how to achieve this mission.

Our Massive Transformative Purpose

Our Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) is to unlock societal and business value at scale and to democratize AI to benefit everyone to help shape a better future in the Smart Technology Era. Our MTP is also motivated by Dr Jacques Ludik’s proposed MTP for Humanity as communicated in his book “Democratizing AI to Benefit Everyone: Shaping Better Future in the Smart Technology Era” and further illustrated in Massive Transformative Purposes (MTP) for Humanity and Sapiens.

Massive Transformative Purpose for Humanity

Evolve a dynamic, empathic, prosperous, thriving, and self-optimizing civilization that benefits everyone in sustainable ways and in harmony with nature

  • by driving beneficial outcomes for all life through decentralized, adaptive, and agile economic, social and governance systems that reward active participation and positive contributions to society and civilization, but also help to keep peace and protect humanity from any potential harm in elastic ways that respect individual freedom and privacy; and
  • through using and democratizing knowledge, science, smart technology, and other tools in optimal human-centric ways that are based on wisdom, good values, and ethics to dynamically solve problems, create opportunities and abundance, and share benefits with everyone; and
  • maximizing quality of life, community building, virtues and character strength development, sense-making, standard of living, wellbeing, and meaningful living of everyone; and
  • with consideration of the best possible liveable habitat, other living organisms, the environment, and our place in the universe.

The Massive Transformative Purpose for Humanity and associated goals complement the United Nations’ 2030 vision and sustainable development goals to help shape a beneficial human-centric future in a decentralized hyperconnected world.

Unlocking Societal and Business Value at Scale


CORTEX AI GROUP is assisting to unlock Societal and Business value at scale:


  • AI and Web3: The Next Generations of the Internet for a Decentralized World
  • MTP for Humanity and UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Advancing the State-of-the-art in AI
  • AI for Social Good
  • Transforming Africa, Middle East and India and from there more global
What we do

How we execute

We have high-performance teams with deep expertise and experience in AI and its applications that leverage our agility, speed and end-to-end implementation capability to quickly move from ideas or consultation to prototypes as a foundational step towards scaling the solutions or products to significant recurring revenue businesses

We also partner with domain experts and sales channels as and when required. We connect the dots in the “new economy” using smart technology and scalable business models

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