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CORTEX AI GROUP is a Smart Technology company that is uniquely positioned and dedicated to the transformation of Africa (and other parts the Developing World) through advanced smart technology solutions, national AI strategies, and personalized AI, in partnership with BLUEFIN GOLD GROUP which is focused on large scale infrastructure development across the African continent and beyond. CORTEX AI GROUP is developing an AI-driven Human-centric Super Platform, Apps and Ecosystem to unlock societal and business value at scale and optimize quality of life for as many people as possible. The company further pushes AI innovation to developing State-of-the-art Personalized AI and Intelligent Agents on Trustworthy AI Guardrails for a Decentralized World.

What we do

How we execute

We have high-performance teams with deep expertise and experience in AI and its applications that leverage our agility, speed and end-to-end implementation capability to quickly move from ideas or consultation to prototypes as a foundational step towards scaling the solutions or products to significant recurring revenue businesses

We also partner with domain experts and sales channels as and when required. We connect the dots in the “new economy” using smart technology and scalable business models
Vision to unlock societal and business value at scale


CORTEX AI Group’s Vision to unlock societal and business value at scale

  • We build a future where Africa and the Developing World is transformed through world-class industry-specific Smart Technology Solutions and National AI strategies into a self-sufficient and empowered first world to help shape a Better Future in the Smart Technology Era.
  • We envision a future where everyone has access to Personalized AI delivered through an AI-driven Human-centric Super Platform and mobile devices that can help them to live better lives
  • We believe that AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the world through Intelligent Agents that are operating on trustworthy AI guardrails in a decentralized world that empowers people and optimizes quality of life in accordance with a Massive Transformative Purpose for Humanity that complements the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • We envision “ecosystems of intelligence” where collectives of intelligent agents, both human and synthetic, collaborate in harmony and work together to create a better and smarter world
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        Our Partners

        Bluefin Gold Group is a dynamic, international company that has successfully completed numerous, commercial, residential, and industrial developments. Our approach ensures building the most efficient way possible at the most economical cost through our advanced planning tools for site layouts, site selection, and budget estimation.

        VIVE Teens is a brand-new personalized wellness companion, that promotes youth well-being and prevention interventions to reduce mental health problems in teenagers. It is the first and only wellness application that uses Artificial Intelligence to provide teens with ultra-personalized, educational wellness services to a user based on their specific requirements as evidenced by their search and reading history while using the application. The app also provides immediate access to registered healthcare professionals, if their users need professional assistance.