Personalised AI

Cortex AI presents trustworthy, explainable, private, decentralized, human-centric, user-controlled Personalized AI and Intelligent Agents.


Empower your life with Sapiens, your Personal AI-powered Assistant.

Empower your life and unlock the full potential of your digital life with the revolutionary AI-powered AI Assistant designed for you and operates in a decentralized, human-centric, user-controlled, private, trustworthy and explainable fashion.


Experience the freedom and control you’ve always wanted over your data, while embracing the power of a next-generation personalized AI assistant to optimize every aspect of your life.


With Sapiens, you will:

  • Gain complete control over your personal data with our secure, privacy-focused storage and management system.
  • Simplify your life with a proactive AI assistant that understands your needs, wants, and goals, providing personalized guidance, recommendations, and alerts.
  • Monetize your data and services, turning your digital footprint into a valuable asset that benefits you.
  • Connect seamlessly to your favorite apps and platforms through our extensive digital ecosystem.


Join the Sapiens revolution and redefine your digital experience today!

Why Sapiens as your Personal AI-Powered Assistant?

  • People do not have their own personalized AI agents that work for them and help to optimize their lives.
  • Addresses a huge gap in the market and society as there is currently no global solution of this nature at scale that makes life easier and more optimized for the user.
  • No solution where the user has full control of their own data with proper privacy and governance without being exploited, controlled, or manipulated in some way.
  • No global solution that helps the user to monetize their own data and services for their own benefit or for people that they want to benefit or for society more broadly.
  • No Sapiens type of personalized AI that embraces the Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) for Humanity and its Goals as well as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
  • Very fragmented apps and platform business ecosystem world-wide (especially the West)
  • No AI agents for smart families, smart virtual groups, smart companies, smart communities, smart towns, smart cities, smart city-states, & beyond.
  • No AI agents that try to optimize the connections between networked people that live within structures and even the connections across these hierarchical structures.

Sapiens, your Personal AI-Powered Assistant, consists of the following high-level components:


  • My AI Assistant
    • Next generation personalized AI Assistant that
    • proactively helps to optimize my life;
    • monetizes my data and services;
    • trains on my data;
    • learns from my behavior;
    • understands my needs, wants and learning path;
    • supports life-long and life-wide learning;
    • helps with sense-making;
    • proactively supports my communications, relationships, activities, safety, travels, accommodation, finances, purchases, decision making, health, wellbeing, and wealth creation;
    • proactively provides guidance, recommendations, and alerts;
    • helps to build virtues and character strengths
    • filters content, does proactive searches and provides personalized content.
  • My Data
    • Fully secured storage, management, access and use of personal data with built-in privacy & governance; enriches my data via my engagement with my digital connections & apps
  • My Digital Connections
    • Sapiens connects to my digital connections within a multi-sector digital ecosystem to get access to 3rd party apps & platforms that currently handle my communications, social media, search, health, finance, education, retail, safety, security, entertainment, transport, accommodation, & travel needs.


These components form the foundation of the Sapiens AI Assistant, providing a comprehensive and user-centric solution that empowers users with full control over their data, AI-driven assistance, and digital connections.


See also for more details about the Decentralized Human-centric, User-controlled AI-driven Super Platform with personalized AI agents that not only empower individuals and monetizes their data and services, but can also be extended to families, virtual groups, companies, communities, cities, city-states, digital nations and beyond.

CORTEX AI GROUP is assembling a world-class AI team utilizing our networks to coordinate and access global talent in collaboration with top-tier partners. We are committed to driving significant AI research contributions from these markets to push the boundaries of AI innovation. CORTEX AI GROUP is led by Dr Jacques Ludik, a seasoned Smart Technology Entrepreneur who sold his first AI company to General Electric in 2011, award-winning AI leader with a PhD in AI, global AI Ambassador, and author of “Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone: Shaping a better Future in the Smart Technology Era” ( 


Our research initiatives focus on the development of trustworthy, explainable, and decentralized Personalized AI and Autonomous Intelligent Agents. We are also  partnering with global hardware, computing, cloud, and software players to bring this vision to life.


Our flagship Personalized AI product, Sapiens, embodies our commitment to real-world use. It’s an AI-powered Personalized Assistant designed to disrupt the Generative AI and Intelligent Agents market from emerging markets, create meaningful IP and competitive advantage for scalable, real-world applications in a decentralized world.


CORTEX AI GROUP aims to lead the charge to democratize AI in the Web3 world, develop autonomous intelligent agents that learn and adapt to new situations, learn reliable world models, reason, and plan complex actions. Our focus extends to the development of Sympathetic and Shared AI that understand and respond to emotions and needs of people and other AIs, and can collaborate to solve complex problems and achieve goals. 

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